About Us


Like many professional nail technicians, I started my career in the spare room of my home. I had experience in managing my mother’s full-service salon since the age of 15 and I have always been passionate about the industry.

I began experimenting with colours and developing my own style of abstract paintings at a young age. This blending of art, colour, and technical ability was crucial in my own personal development, not only as a businesswoman but as an artist and innovator in the industry.

My mother convinced me to go after my dreams, express myself as an artist, and begin the long journey of building a brand that offered the highest quality products and deliver the best value for money. Over a simple cup of coffee, The GelBottle was born. Born in the sense that the direction of my dreams were laid out in front of me. Those dreams would take years of research to offer our initial product line. While working on the polish line, I opened my first salon in Brighton. Much to my delight, it was a huge success! I found however, that creating polish was my true passion and put all my time and resources into building The GelBottle.

When I felt the Gel Bottle line was right, we decided to try a worldwide launch, and the rest is history. The GelBottle is available to the world and we have since become an award winning brand and industry leader.

I am very proud to be part of the nail industry and my hopes are to make you proud to be a GelBottle customer.

Daisy Kalnina

Daisy’s Nail Company LTD and The Gelbottle INC founder